Incredible opportunity to own an active rural tourism house with apartments. 400 m2 (living area) + 10 ha of land. Main road D-1 is connected to it by a track through the forest, road length about 1 km. In solitude in a fairly untouched nature, with all utilities and over 10 ha of land from which, next to a brick house and a wooden outbuilding, 6.5 ha of quality land (meadows, pastures, arable land, deciduous forest of low vegetation and young black locust groves ) for use in one piece. On the main plot and garden, a young plantation of fruit trees and ornamental plants. The older building was reconstructed and turned into a new building. Two-storey, partly basement residential and commercial building, external dimensions in length in two facades, ie two wings in the shape of the letter L = 18.20 and 18.95 m in length x width of 6.70 m makes the ground floor area of gross 200 m2 and 200 m2 attic. The basement, which is ordinary, concrete and used for auxiliary purposes, is located approximately in the middle between the two wings, but more in the southeastern part, with an area of about 20 m2, is entered by a wide staircase from the ground floor. The exterior of the building is completely finished, the front facades of the walls are covered with a facade, previously insulated with thermal plaster 4-5 cm and styrofoam 5 cm thick. Double glazed windows, wooden joinery, doors, window frames with shutters – shutters, hardware, all new, high quality and protected. Roof wooden new, partly insulated, the rest in preparation – the material exists.Covered with sheet metal and lined with gutters for rainwater drainage, with made and sheet metal lined chimneys. Larger windows were installed on the roof to supply air and light to the rooms in the attic. The ground floor is arranged and ready to move in: living space 2-bedroom apartment of approximately 50 m2 and 3rd duplex apartment. The two-bedroom apartment consists of a kitchen with a dining room and a living room connected into a single unit with an exit to the balcony-terrace, and a bedroom, a bathroom with a toilet and an entrance hall and a hall. Three brand NEW, decorated, duplex, apartments for rent (three stars) are 40m2, 43 m2 and 45 m2. Completely, modernly and functionally equipped;from the entrance hall you enter the unique kitchen area with dining area and living room with access to the terrace and room stairs leading to the second floor of the bedroom with access to another terrace-balcony. In the preparatory phase of the renovation is the space of another apartment and a large hall-two-storey living room (billiard room-living room with an area of approximately 60 m2 + 60 m2). A different purpose is also possible, according to the needs and wishes of future owners. Distances about 30 km south of Karlovac, in beautiful nature, with fertile land, orchards, pastures, arable land and forest vegetation. Access to state roads from the direction of Karlovac or Slunj, and also well connected with the main highway A-1. To the river Korana 2 km. Based on a previously built house, built in the 70-80s of the last century, renovated,well-maintained and fully legally legalized entire building with its gross 400 m2 total area, based on the Decision on the derived condition. . The entire property is supplied with an active connection to electricity, and to the connection of the city water supply. The irrigation is in a properly built collecting septic tank. Within the yard near the residential complex there is a new wooden auxiliary building with a gabled roof which provides a place for socializing and gathering during rain or colder weather, and as a place to store food by baking on wood and charcoal under the stove or on barbecue grills, since a special furnace was built in it for such purposes. It is worth mentioning the occupancy up to 50 m2 with all utility infrastructure connections,and cable-wired or, if necessary, satellite connection provides internet access. The property is suitable for any type of agricultural production, forestry or woodworking for various purposes from art to firewood, fruit growing, beekeeping, animal husbandry or breeding of small and large domestic animals, dog farm, horse farm, or optional breeding of special pets. By finishing the work on arranging the floors and walls for apartments or separate rooms, of course it is possible to receive a larger number of guests, tourists who want a special treatment or an active vacation in beautiful nature undisturbed by anyone. Therefore, a suitable property for the stay of organized societies, art colonies and various associations that need a quality stay and merging with nature. Ownership is 1/1, no encumbrances,with the necessary complete legal regulations for the legalization of all buildings, cadastral and land registry drawn and registered. Thus, it is immediately suitable for initiating activities for raising incentive funds, depending on the activity, both from the state of the Republic of Croatia and from EU funds. All 3 buildings: (New brick two-storey – partly under construction, with 400 m2 total area, wooden auxiliary + canopy woodshed next to it, and on another plot in the construction area, brick house for adaptation and renovation along the local road.